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MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction program

Meet Our Medical Team

When you come to MUSC for breast reconstruction surgery, you trust us with your health. We understand this is a big commitment. We also understand that it's important for you to know exactly who is involved in your breast reconstruction and why you should trust them with your health.

The multidisciplinary team of the MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction Program will tend to not only your physical needs, but to your emotional needs as well. Our patients benefit from the close collaboration of excellent plastic surgeons, breast reconstructive surgeons and oncologists. At the same time, our team pulls in other experts in genetics, nutrition and physical therapy, while our nurse coordinators and patient navigators tie it all together and provide patient support. You are our top priority. We all work together for you and for the best possible outcome for your restoration.

Plastic Surgeons
The medical professionals who offer a full spectrum of breast reconstruction options and assist you throughout the process.

For patients undergoing immediate reconstruction surgery at the time of mastectomy.

Nurse Coordinators
These professionals assist new referrals to our cancer center by providing cancer education, support, and connections to resources.

Patient Navigators
Individuals who provide patient education, peer-support, and guidance throughout the breast cancer process.

Physical Therapist
Working with breast cancer and/or reconstruction patients, they assist with lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, skin care and physical therapy exercises.

These healthcare professionals assist women with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer and women with a personal history of the breast cancer gene mutation.

For patients and families coping with the challenges of breast cancer, MUSC psychologists can help.

Nutrition Counselor
A healthy diet leads to faster recovery. Nutrition counselors help ensure you make informed choices about nutrition.

3D Nipple Tattoo Artist
Our nipple tattoo artist makes sure you get the areola color, size, shape and placement you desire.

Do you have questions about the MUSC breast reconstruction medical team? We are happy to answer them. Please contact us today.

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