MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction program


MUSC has an outstanding anesthesia team whose members are focused on the best possible anesthesia care for your upcoming breast surgery. From the time you enter the MUSC system you will be identified as a Preferred Breast Care Patient. Our team will optimize your anesthetic preparation, anesthetic plan, and post-operative pain control strategy. Efforts will be made to have your preferences incorporated into the care plan, when appropriate, and your individual medical and emotional needs will be considered in a focused anesthetic experience. The most advanced technologies, supported by our MUSC world famous research facility, will be used to your advantage. In short, you will be receiving the most modern and personalized care available.

On the day of surgery, you will be asked to arrive two hours before your scheduled surgery time. Following registration you will be escorted to our preoperative holding area. There, you will be greeted by one of our excellent preoperative nurses who will prepare you for the operating room. You will also meet your anesthesia team. This team is comprised of a board certified anesthesiologist and either a certified registered nurse anesthetist or an anesthesiology resident. We will interview you to confirm your medical history so that we may tailor the anesthetic to your individual needs. Once in the Operating Room, you will receive medication through your IV and general anesthesia will be induced. Throughout the entire surgical period, we will continuously monitor and support your body, keeping you safe and comfortable, while providing optimum conditions for your surgical procedure. When your surgery is complete and you have awakened from anesthesia, we will transport you to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. There, you will be monitored for pain, nausea, or any other issues until you are feeling comfortable and ready to go to your hospital room.

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Your recovery and care following surgery is equally important. Management of postoperative pain and nausea is an integral part of breast reconstruction surgery. At MUSC, we use a multimodal approach to control postoperative discomfort. This approach includes the administration of opiates, local anesthetics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication, acetaminophen, and anti-nausea medications. These medications along with specialized anesthesia techniques used during surgery aim to minimize pain and nausea during your recovery period.

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At MUSC, we are committed to providing you high-quality, compassionate care throughout your hospital stay. With our dedication to “changing what’s possible”, we strive to provide care that goes beyond the standard and exceeds expectations. We look forward to participating in your care.


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