MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction program

Breast Symmetry

Breast symmetry is a complex goal in the wake of breast cancer and mastectomy. Yet MUSC’s expert plastic surgery team strives to achieve as much symmetry as possible between your breasts and, as a result, we are changing what’s possible in breast reconstruction. 

If you are having a mastectomy on one side and intend to preserve your cancer-free breast, symmetry procedures may be done on the preserved breast during a secondary stage in the reconstruction process. Possible symmetry procedures include breast reduction, breast enlargement (for example, placement of implants) or a lift (mastopexy). The surgeon also may graft fat from one area of your body and use it to add volume or correct a contour problem. 

Symmetry procedures and techniques are typically covered by insurance and may be performed on the reconstructed breast to make adjustments, too.

Breast Symmetry Procedures

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