MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction program

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a technique often used in the second stage of breast reconstruction to fine-tune appearance. During this procedure, fat is harvested by liposuction from one area of your body and transferred to the breast to add volume or correct a contour problem. This helps to eliminate dimpling, indentations and inward curves and allows you to achieve improved symmetry.

This is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in under an hour with very minimal recovery time. More fat is transferred than necessary because, on average, 30-70 percent of the fat that is grafted does not take. As a result additional fat grafting may be required several months later. However, the fat that does take will stay with you for life.

Advantages of fat grafting include the fact that you are using your own tissue rather than a foreign body or substance to add volume. Plus, you enjoy the added benefit of liposuction to remove fat from an area where you don’t want it.

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