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MUSC's Ashley River TowerExperience and expertise – The MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction Program includes three of the top surgeons in this field. Our doctors were some of the first to use natural tissue reconstruction methods that require microsurgery, such as the revolutionary DIEP flap procedure, which was pioneered in Charleston, SC. Because they are highly skilled, our surgeons can apply these advanced techniques in more challenging situations, for example, when a patient has a high body mass index. We also can use our expertise in microsurgery to help those who suffer from lymphedema and to perform complex revisions when a woman wants to improve on an earlier reconstruction.

High volume – We perform as many as 400 breast reconstructions and revisions each year and are one of the few medical centers in the country to routinely use microsurgery to use a woman’s own natural tissue for breast reconstruction. In addition to serving the needs of women from across South Carolina, we have become a destination for women who want the best possible options and quality of care available. We continue to adapt and refine our procedures, working toward the best outcomes for our patients while staying at the forefront of breast reconstruction efforts.

Patient-centered approach – We will help you make decisions and tailor your treatment based on your wishes and what works best for you. We offer all viable breast reconstruction options including those that involve natural tissue – DIEP, SIEA, GAP, TAP, TUG, LD, TRAM – as well as breast reconstruction with implants. We can perform reconstruction at the same time as your surgery or delay the procedure until you complete cancer treatments.

Our team works together to treat your physical and emotional needs. We schedule appointments to accommodate each patient’s comfort and convenience. By anticipating and addressing your needs in advance, we allow you to relax while we do the legwork.

Multi-disciplinary team – The MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction Program has the advantage of collaborating with the breast care team at MUSC Hollings Cancer Center, which is the only South Carolina cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). As a result, patients at MUSC can benefit from the nation’s top plastic surgeons and top oncologists working together. Our team approach also incorporates physical therapists, nutritionists, geneticists, psychologists and an esthetician who has been specially trained to use 3-D tattooing to create realistic looking nipples. Plus, MUSC provides breast care coordinators and a breast reconstruction coordinator to make each patient’s journey as easy and simple as possible.

Vision – MUSC and its Advanced Breast Reconstruction Program strive to serve the health care needs of the citizens throughout South Carolina while expanding our reach to people throughout the world. This includes reaching out to underserved populations and working for solutions to challenging situations so that we can change what’s possible in health care.

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