MUSC Advanced Breast Reconstruction program

Accelular Dermis

Acellular dermis is human tissue that is taken from the back of a cadaver and processed in a way that prevents rejection and infection. In recent years, surgeons have started to use acellular dermis as a helpful tool in breast reconstruction.

Following a mastectomy, there is minimal breast tissue left. Acellular dermis incorporates into your own tissue and allows better structural support. Women who delay reconstruction typically have a tissue expander inserted at the time of mastectomy as a space-saver. Acellular dermis is used to create a sling that helps hold the tissue expander in place while also providing an extra layer of tissue between the expander and skin.

When used with implant reconstruction, acellular dermis makes the implant less visible and less likely to be felt under the skin. It can help control the implant’s location, define the breast crease and provide additional tissue for a more natural looking breast.

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