MUSC is now offering a new minimally invasive treatment for herniated discs. This outpatient procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes and patients go home that day.  Patients typically return to their normal activity within a day or two including going back to work.

Benefits from the minimally invasive endoscopic approach include:

  • procedures typically only take 30 minutes or less
  • patients are able to go home within hours
  • only requires a small incision of a few millimeters in size
  • there is no need to cut muscles or ligaments
  • care by leading spine experts
  • scientific studies report a success rate of more than 93 percent

Patients are offered an appointment with in five business days for evaluation of their back pain and to see if they are a candidate for this procedure or other cutting edge spine treatments at MUSC.

Call 843-619-3931 today to make an appointment to start living life again without back pain.

Find comfort in the stories of real MUSC patients

"Oh my goodness, I have not felt this good in years because my back no longer hurts", says Patience Pierce, a Spine Center patient at MUSC who recently had a minimally invasive spine procedure. "I am just amazed."

Why waste another day of your life restricted by back pain from doing the things you love to do? Let MUSC help you get your life back.