Heart Transplant
I'M ANGIE MIZZELL AND WELCOME TO THE MUSC HEALTH CONNECTION. THEY ARE PATIENTS WHO ARE LITERALLY AT DEATH'S DOOR- GIVEN A NEW LEASE ON LIFE THANKS TO A HEART TRANSPLANT. Patrick Tivnan, "My life existed about 6 steps a day. That's all i could physically do." Patrick Tivnan is remembering what life was like for him just a few years ago.. A blood disorder called hemachromatosis destroyed both his heart and liver. In 2001, he received a transplant of both organs at the same time. Dr. Jack Crumbley, "The people who get transplanted are those whose clock really has run out. Transplant offers them a much better chance of survival." Recently released data put the heart transplant program at MUSC among the best in the country and #1 in the southeast... The program began in 1987, and has grown to include cardiologists who specialize in heart failure, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers and dietitians, all helping to ensure patients do as well as they can before and after a transplant. Though Patrick is originally from the Boston area, he was glad that he didn't have to leave his backyard for great care. "My wife and I did our homework. We were completely confident that we were going to be okay at MUSC." Dr. Crumbley, "So it really has grown into a team effort and I think the dedication and hard work of the team has really payed off for South Carolinians." "I'm just always grateful. Whenever its raining, someone may complain, but i wasn't supposed to see this rain, so its okay by me." IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT END STAGE HEART FAILURE - CALL THE HEART AND VASCULAR CENTER AT 792-1616.
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